Hello! I'm Kevin.

I am a designer, design director and photographer working from my home office in Milwaukee, WI. My design experience spans over 13 years working for independent companies, small branding studios and large brands and agencies. Currently I'm working as a design director with the fine folks over at Critical Mass.

Facts and achievements

Bicycle paint design

In 2009, I had the opportunity to help start a paint design shop for Vanilla Bicycles, a high-end boutique bicycle company in Portland, Oregon.

Swrve Milwaukee Hoodie

In 2007, I designed a urban cycling hoodie for Swrve clothing brand. This became their best selling product in their lineup

COG Magazine

In 2007, co-founded an international urban cycling. It was a passion project, working late nights, screen printing in a cold garage in the middle of winter. But it was so worth the adventure. I got to travel the world and it became a catalyst for bringing together my three passions, design, photography and cycling.

International work experience

In 2013, I had an amazing experience in Paris, France working with some very talented people at a branding studio called Seenk. I still can't speak French very well.

Focus areas

Design is now so multidimensional that we as designers need to think well beyond what something looks like. Here are a few areas I have experience in.

Visual Identity
Design Systems
Web/App UI & UX
Print & Packaging
Dad jokes

Awards & recognition

Awards are not everything. But it is nice to get recognized for all the hard work and collaboration put into projects.

Let's make something amazing together.

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